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Dulce de Leche Mardel at Americas Food and Beverage Show

Americas Food and Beverage welcomes back Dulce De Leche Mardel – a milk-based caramel style spread. Dulce de Leche Márdel is produced in Spain by Caro Imports S.A., using authentic Argentinian recipes and methods and the highest quality European ingredients. Dulce de Leche Márdel is sold across Europe, the Middle East, North and Central America, Asia, and used by renowned European confectioners.

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B2B Marketplace Survey | Americas Food and Beverage Show

Americas Food and Beverage Show, powered by The World Trade Center Miami, is continually looking for new ways to strengthen our network and provide more opportunities for companies to do business with each other as well and connect you to new customers.  

We will soon be launching a new B2B platform bringing global buyers together with suppliers of goods and services in a wide variety of industries.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to help us better connect you to your next opportunity.

AgroFresh at Americas Food and Beverage Show

AgroFresh delivers integrated solutions for more freshness and quality, that benefit the entire supply chain.   Founded in 1996 with groundbreaking 1-MCP (1-Methylcyclopropene) based technologies that suppress ethylene development and its degrading effects on produce, they have international commercial experience supporting growers, packers, retailers, exporters, and marketers in their delivery of superior quality produce.  Find out more by completing the form below and subscrib

Herr's Food, Inc. Snack Food Company at Americas Food and Beverage Show

America’s Food and Beverage Show welcomes back Herr's Foods, Inc. - a Nottingham, Pennsylvania-based brand of potato chips and other snack foods. While their products are sold throughout the Eastern United States and Canada, their stronghold is the Mid-Atlantic region. Herr's products are sold in all 50 states in the U.S.

MAS Cleaning Supplies Manufacturer at Americas Food and Beverage Show

The Americas Food and Beverage Show is glad to introduce to you our latest exhibitor – MAS Cleaning Supplies. They are an American company with extensive experience in manufacturing and marketing high-quality cleaning products.  Find them in our marketplace at this year’s show, find out all the details and get the latest news by subscribing to receive our weekly communications and/or monthly newsletters in the form below. 


World Waresource at Americas Food and Beverage Show

Meet World Waresource, Inc. a strategic partner for several large importers and distributors in the Caribbean, Central and South America. Their product portfolio covers four main product categories including Food and Beverage, Disposables, Hardware, and Textiles. They currently supply products to over 56 customers within the region and procure from over 273 active vendors all around the world.

Tulip International a beverage manufacul

Tulip International Inc. is a beverage manufacturer that exports to over 80 countries.  Their product line includes drinks made with aloe and coconut as well as sparkling beverages, exotic teas, and crunchy rice rolls for snacking.  Join us this year as we welcome them to the Americas Food and Beverage Show.  Visit the link below and subscribe to receive the latest updates and exclusive content. 

Monaco Foods at Americas Food and Beverage Show

Americas Food and Beverage Show welcomes Monaco Foods - a quality food products distributor with headquarters in South Florida and distribution to countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America, and the Cruise Industry. Monaco has imported/exported throughout over 150 countries. Find out more by visiting and subscribe to receive our monthly newsletter and/or weekly communications. 

Food and beverage is the only sector projected to grow this year, report says

In case you missed it -  Food and beverage is the only sector projected to grow this year, report says

Global spending in other retail sectors expected to be in decline the rest of this year but the food and beverage industry is expected to show growth.  COVID-19 has not only impacted consumer spending but also a choice with a shift to healthier options. This is one of many new trends in the industry. To learn check out the article and be sure to register for the Americas Food and Beverage Show, your source for new products, and the latest trends from all over the globe.

Northfork Bison Distributors from Montreal in the Canada Pavilion

Join us in welcoming, NORTHFORK BISON DISTRIBUTIONS INC. Based in Montreal, Canada , Northfork operates one of the largest federal approved bison facilities in Canada. Their Bison are raised in a clean and natural environment without the use of any chemicals, hormones or steroids.  See them in the Canada pavilion at the 24th Americas Food and Beverage show. REGISTER TO ATTEND THE SHOW FOR FREE UNTIL AUG. 31.

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